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For a complete media kit, special story requests, or photos, contact Sam Hutchison via e-mail at, call (920) 430-5131 X 224 or fax (920) 430-5126.

2014 Media Information

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TELEVISION Feature stories

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TV/Radio Fact Sheet

Photos - an extensive photo library of Canadian outdoor activities. Click here and go to our online photo gallery where you can download photos. If you have any problems with this process contact us immediately and we will find a way to provide you with photos.

Photo sample, click here for online photo gallery.

Other Features & Personalities
The All-Canada Show also has a number of features and personalities that make for great TV, radio, and newspaper stories. You can see any of the following at the show, or we can bring them to you (we also have B-roll)

Weather-related Angle - A number of very colorful exhibitors live near the Arctic Circle and have great stories about what REAL winter weather is like. Some even come complete in caribou-hide attire!

Norm McCreight - this professional hunting and fishing guide hails from Winnipeg Manitoba and is an experienced media professional. McCreight has been with the All-Canada Show for 30 years. His Canadian Accent makes him a media favorite as he shares his wealth of stories about living Canada's wilderness. In additional to his regular hunting and fishing seminars, this year McCreight is filleting fish with a two bit ax!

Local Angle - Here's a great story as to how U.S. residents get into the Canadian lodge business. In each All-Canada Show city, we have a few exhibitors who are native to the area. They have interesting stories and photos to offer.

General Interest - We have an endless supply of "unique" stories about life in Canada. Here's a sampling: 24-hour daylight fishing at an old Mountie base...the northern most lodge in the world...a floating association of Native-owned lodges...bus trips to Canadian fishing resorts...and the mayor of Churchill, Manitoba (the place where polar bears run the streets).

Hard News - At each show, there are a number of officials who can talk about outdoor issues, tourism information, traveling in Canada, and current events in our neighbor to the north.

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